Here are some answers
you won't have to
hunt for on CanLII


Here are some
answers you won't
have to hunt for
on CanLII



Yes, you totally could.

But Bar Exam Bootcamp will save you valuable time figuring out the how, what, and when of bar prep and you’ll come to learn that alleviating as much stress as possible during this process is truly priceless. In Bar Exam Bootcamp I’ll give you the guidance and resources I wish I’d had during my first attempt at the bar exams so that your bar exam journey is as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

Bar Exam Bootcamp runs three times each year leading up to when the bar exams are held.

Exact dates of Bar Exam Bootcamp will always be posted directly on the Bar Exam Bootcamp website. Access to Bar Exam Bootcamp always concludes at midnight the day after the conclusion of the Solicitor exam in each given sitting of exams. Once doors open for the session you are interested in and you sign up for Bar Exam Bootcamp, you will have immediate access.

For the Fall 2024 cohort of Bar Exam Bootcamp, access runs from the beginning of September until November 19, 2024 (exact start date will be sent via            )


Students who wish to take two rounds of Bar Exam Bootcamp will be asked to enrol with the
Coaching Extension Package.

Students ask me this all the time!

Bar Exam Bootcamp is strategically designed to allow you to work through the course content on-demand and at your own pace. Modules are structured succinctly and comprehensively to give you the exact information you need at every stage of your bar prep, without taking up valuable studying time or increasing feelings of overwhelm. 

Every two weeks, you’ll be invited to hop on a live coaching call with me and other Bar Exam Bootcamp members. You’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and ask questions live in real-time! The day of the week and time of the coaching calls will alternate to make sure everyone has a chance to attend live at a time that best suits their schedule.

Can’t attend live? All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded to your course portal and even if you can’t make the call, you can submit your questions in advance and I’ll be sure to answer these questions first on the live call!

Group coaching calls are always scheduled for one hour, but typically run over time! I am committed to staying on each call until everyone’s questions are answered and everyone can leave the call feeling confident in their next steps of their personal studying process.

In Bar Exam Bootcamp you’ll learn that with effective strategies (which we’ll cover in the course!) reading the study materials just once is enough to head into the exams feeling confident and prepared.

I want to make it abundantly clear and be very transparent with you: I am not a tutor.

Bar Exam Bootcamp will give you the specific strategies and methods needed to excel through this process, and it will get you in the mindset to approach the exams with confidence. I will not teach you the content of the exams for two reasons: first, I used to practice in a very niche area of law not tested on the exams (so me tutoring you in say, business law wouldn’t be doing you any favours!) and second, I strongly believe that nobody goes into the exams understanding all of the materials.

The strategies and methods we will employ in Bar Exam Bootcamp will help you navigate the materials in a thoughtful format which will increase your understanding of complex topics and give you the tools you need to figure things out when the materials get really confusing.

Yes! Bar Exam Bootcamp has helped hundreds of internationally trained lawyers prepare for the bar exams.

This is what one student, Aditi K., had to say about her experience navigating the Bar Exam Bootcamp curriculum as an internationally trained lawyer:

“A good strategy while preparing for the Ontario Bar exams is decisive. Having Piper as my strategist was like having a big sister looking out for me. She always approached me with empathy and accommodated my needs instinctively. I recommend her - especially to foreign-trained lawyers.”

Yes! When students first log-in to Bar Exam Bootcamp, they are greeted by an introductory survey so that I can get to know you better! One question specifically asks students to share if they require any accommodations throughout the programming.

All introductory surveys are carefully reviewed and I work to meet the accommodation needs of all students in the program. 

I get it – I remember it being April 2019 and crying in my bedroom while wondering how I was going to afford the bar exam registration fees. And little did I know at the time, but I’d fail and be paying the fees twice. Bar Exam Bootcamp is the curriculum and support I wish I’d had on my first attempt – think about the cost of not investing. I’ve created a program that takes all the guesswork out of bar prep and helps you establish a confident bar prep strategy from day one.

And can you really put a price on feeling calm, confident, and prepared?

Moreover, recognizing the financial challenges many licensing candidates continue to face, Bar Exam Bootcamp offers a limited number of scholarships for each cohort of the program.

Due to the digital nature of the course and access to all course modules at once, no refunds will be offered on Bar Exam Bootcamp.

If you’ve selected a payment plan, that payment will be automatically processed 30 days after your first payment.

Like with anything in life, the results you get on the exams will be equal to the time and effort you put into implementing the strategies from Bar Exam Bootcamp into your studying. I do not require mandatory reporting of results and don't have access to the pass rate of my over 700 students. Purchasing Bar Exam Bootcamp does not guarantee a passing grade on the Ontario lawyer licensing exams.

Yes! I have worked with many students who have prepared for a 4th attempt of the bar exams.

After receiving your results, I strongly recommend reaching out to the Law Society through your licensing portal as soon as possible to inquire about next steps.

Next, check out my free on-demand webinar, Beat the Bar: Better Days, for 3 tangible ways to bounce back after an unsuccessful bar exam attempt.

Bar Exam Bootcamp is designed to support both first-time exam takers and students re-attempting the exams. No matter where you are in your licensing journey, Bar Exam Bootcamp will meet you where you're at and give you the tools and support you need to strategically move forward in your bar prep.